add ME - M4 SOPMOD II(CV. Tamura Yukari) 【Girls Frontline】

I~ found you!

Are you hiding? You can't lose me
When I catch you, I won't let go
Don't be boring, let's have some fun
I don't plan to go easy on you

Impulsive, Instinctual
Destructive, SOP II onslaught
Status: ready, Today's target,
Where's my target? I~ found you!

Break! My target's breaking!
It's raining steel!

Gushing out, it never ends
I don't know difficult things
Is there nothing I can do?
I can't bear it, by my lonesome

Paradoxical, Sentimental
Combat arms, SOP II confidence
I like everyone, lo~ve them!
Friends, I~ found you!

Hey um, let's talk again!
I'm glad you're here!
Say it louder!!

The fighting never ends
I can't stop until I'm finished
But now, I won't hesitate
There's no use in thinking about it

Having courage, that's the spirit
That's just like me, because I'm SOPII!
Wait for me, sisters!
A will to live, I~ found it!

I'll protect our kinship
Let's break through despair!
Even I can do it!

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