thought dump oct 10

  Posted by rickybobby at 07:10 - 10/11/2023

anyone else watch car crash vids to go to sleep sometimes? i don't know why i do.  sometimes it makes me hyperaware of my mortality, but i struggle so much to sleep anyway that it's not that much of a hindrance really.


i should download some fun dividers for this type of post


there's been some mildly paranoia inducing stuff going on out here lately.  noises outside, dogs acting weird, etc


btw i updated the favicon. im going to make a splash page too i think


people talk a lot about how its so easy to forget that there's real people at the other end of the screen but like... what if there's not?

have you been on sites like twitter and instagram lately?  people do NOT act like people on there anymore.  i don't mean that they're uncivilized, they just act strange. and stupid.

if i were on my meds this is the part where i would say, "if it weren't for my meds i might start to believe there's more fake people online than there are real people" haha.


another thing i do to sleep is listen to the regional retro FM station. they advertise playing music from the 70s through the 90s, but in the past couple of months they've been introducing new songs to their library, like mr. brightside.  its pretty jarring.

my FM radio has an option to power it with mini usb, but there's something quaint about using AA batteries

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