unintended side effect

  Posted by rickybobby at 06:09 - 09/27/2023

a fun side effect ive found of trying to move to posting here primarily, is that my post editor is a bit clunky to use on my phone.  this combined with things like "worrying about spamming my front page" and "having a day job and not having the time to fiddle with long posts" have made me slow down a bit

regular social media thrives on throwaway posts. you write what's on your mind now and fire it off into the void without thinking much of it

however on here, not only is it a huge pain in my ass, but if i post some boring shit like this there's no next post for people to scroll too! and then you'll never come back! wah

ive already written and deleted two larger rants before deciding it's just too boring to be worth the effort to post

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