what my problem is

  Posted by rickybobby at 05:09 - 09/26/2023

whats wrong with me this week?

i have simply had ENOUGH of every other god damn website

twitter? more like shitter

tumblr? i hardly knew 'er!

for real though, there's generally too many complete idiots making things up to make other people angry and when it's not that there's privacy violations.  very few good memes and even less informative content out there.

on top of that, my will to do anything actually enriching is absolutely destroyed by the ability to watch a million small videos each minute. not good.

i have things i want to read about and things i want to make and getting into bullshit arguments is not conducive to that.  so this is my biannual week where i pretend i'm done with all of that.


really though, i just wanted an excuse to update here. i always feel bad for adding one new thing every year or two, and i think the best way to add more is to lower my standards. and what better way to do that than limiting where else i can dump useless thoughts and info. lol.

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